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The Infamous Brad

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J. Brad Hicks
11 July 1960
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Mid-40ish St. Louis born-and-bred working class intellectual, currently retired. Hellenic Reconstructionist Pagan, follower of Dionysus. 6'0" 290 pounds, bald with a graying red goatee; the horns only show occasionally. Polyamorous, leather-friendly, currently single. Long-time science fiction fan (and faan) and Pagan activist. On and off again local Democratic Party volunteer. Class of 1978, Faith Christian Academy. BA in Math/CS, Taylor University, 1982. Former electrician, former PICK minicomputer programmer, former PC specialist, former Macintosh specialist, former LAN/WAN engineer, former computer instructor, former editor of the Low BS Guide to St. Louis, former traveling retail business owner, former strip club doorman, former Pinkerton, former telecom fraud analyst. Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, severe recurring depression, and an anxiety disorder. Infernal-American and proud of it. I use this journal more often to talk about things I'm thinking about, or for writing practice, than to talk about myself.

A few definitions:

Brad Davidian Compound: A house plus outbuildings that I owned in Bridgeton, Missouri in the 1990s. At one time or another, probably eight or ten people lived there as refugees. See also Infamous Brad Parties. I didn't pick the name, but my choice (Pandaemonium) never stuck and this one did.

Infamous Brad Parties: For about 4 years in the 1990s, while I owned the Brad Davidian Compound (see above), I was hosting a major city-wide party for the Weirdfolk (see below) every six to eight weeks. These came to be known (through no choice on my part) as "the Brad Parties" then "the infamous 'Brad Parties.'" Eventually newcomers concluded they were called that because I was "the Infamous Brad," and the name stuck.

Libertalia, The: A 1989 Pace Arrow 37J class A motor home that I lived in right around the turn of the century.

Man of Concrete, The: My late father, James Bedford Hicks. So-called because of his legendary toughness, which let him walk away from many fights and injuries that would have killed a less tough (or lucky) man, without a scratch or a mark on him. World War II navy veteran, electrician, artist, blacksmith, building contractor.

Weirdfolk Hypothesis: An early hypothesis of mine that you can trace the lineage of a vast number of separate subcultures back to early science fiction fandom, and that due to this common heritage of custom and jargon the various subcultures (including the Society for Creative Anachronism, Neopaganism, and the roleplaying gamer communities for example) have more in common with each other than many of them know. I labeled the overlapping membership, traditions, and so forth the Weirdfolk. This analysis predated the widespread scientific acceptance of the condition now known as Asperger's Syndrome, but it is possible that my own mind exaggerates the similarities between these groups because of the large numbers of Aspies who have found comfortable surroundings in them.
a softer world, age of reason, alchemy, alcohol, alternate history, ambient, anarchist theory, ancient greece, aspergers, auto assault, babylon 5, bdsm, bibliophilia, big ideas, boondocks, borderlands, buck godot, burning man, cats, coffee houses, competence, conspiracy theory, cool jazz, costuming, counterculture, crackling fires, cthulhu, current events, dance music, dark secrets, darkwave, debauchery, design, dionysus, discordia, discordianism, djembe, don tiki, dorothy parker, ebm, enlightenment, eris, erudition, faerie lore, female flashers, film noir, firefly, flirting, forbidden lore, friends, ghastly's ghastly comic, greystone inn, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, hardboiled detectives, hellenism, heresy, history, holidays, honesty, hugs, humphrey bogart, internet radio, intoxication, j.r. bob dobbs, kevin and kell, kim possible, kissing, least i could do, live365.com, lounge music, lovings, madness, maenads, mardi gras, martin denny, memetics, mind machines, modern fantasy, mythology, nerd girls, news, novelty songs, obsolete slang, occult, occult history, oneiroid psychosis, outer space, pagan festivals, paganism, parody, parties, partylite, pettings, phil foglio, piled higher and deeper, pirates, politics, polyamory, probability, queen of wands, questionable content, rants, rat pack, reading, real time strategy games, religion, restaurants, revels, robert a heinlein, roleplaying games, romance, sapiosexuality, satyrs, scholarship, science fiction, science fiction conventions, science fiction fandom, sex, sexology, silliness, sinfest, smart women, snuggling, social capital, socializing, something positive, space music, statistics, style, subcultures, surrealism, symbolism, tangerine dream, tarot, techno, theater, thrill kill kult, tiki, two lumps, uniqueness, vnv nation, wapsi square, weirdness, wet t-shirts, wikipedia, wit, writing, xorcist

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