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Movies I Do and Don't Care About, 2011

io9.com has up their list of the 55 science fiction and fantasy movies that are projected to be released in 2011. I just went through it, and (as with most previous years) there are ones I'm dying to see, ones I'm willing to see, ones I'm waiting for more info about, and ones I couldn't be dragged to at gunpoint. A few personal opinions:

March 25th: Sucker Punch. ToplessRobot.com calls this "Things the Internet Likes: The Movie." You couldn't keep me away from this one at gunpoint. I will be pleasantly surprised if I don't have to turn my brain off for it, but even if I do have to, it'll be fun to watch.

April 1st: Source Code. If this one weren't by Duncan Jones, the guy who made Moon, I'd be really dubious. But with his name on the project, I'm mightily tempted.

April 8th: Your Highness. Natalie Portman as a damsel in distress who doesn't need rescuing? Yeah, I think I'm interested in this one.

May 20th: PotC4: On Stranger Tides. The only reason I'm even minimally tempted by this is that it's based loosely on Tim Powers' book On Stranger Tides, which I remember enjoying. On the other hand, it is not just any sequel, but the 4th in a franchise. And the truth be told, while I enjoyed the book, it didn't make all that strong of an impression on me. This may well be a "wait for the DVD" thing for me.

June 17th: The Green Lantern. This is the only superhero movie of 2011 I'm even vaguely tempted by, purely on the strength of the amazing trailers for it. (Yes, I said "only." You couldn't drag me to either of the Avengers prequels, nor the X-Men prequel, not for love nor money, and the trailer for The Green Hornet looks perfectly awful.)

July 29th: Cowboys and Aliens. Sort of the mathematical opposite of the previous entry: I started out interested, but every trailer, photo, or film clip I see makes it look even worse. Unless it gets consistently amazing reviews, I'm leaning more and more towards skipping it.

August 5th: The Darkest Hour. The premise has been done, overdone, and done to death lately. The only reason I'm even vaguely tempted is that it's by Timur Bekmambetov, and I loved Night Watch and 9. Leaning towards seeing it.

September 30th: Now. Sounds heavy-handed, but io9, which has seen most of the script, describes it as remarkably well written, and the theme is timely. (Pun unintended.) Tempted, but I'm going to wait for reviews.

October 14th: The Thing (prequel). I see no plausible way to improve on the John Carpenter/Rick Baker original, no plausible reason to make this movie at all. But I'm told that the people making it are huge John Carpenter fans, so I'm cautiously and tentatively willing to consider going to this one. Maybe.

December 16th: Sherlock Holmes 2. I don't care how amazing the first one was, it wasn't good enough to get me to break my rule of thumb against paying movie theater prices, not even matinee prices, to go see a sequel. Maybe if somebody else drags me to it at their own expense; otherwise, it'll wait for DVD.
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