J. Brad Hicks (bradhicks) wrote,
J. Brad Hicks

Thunder and Lightning

There's thunder overhead, as a few pop-up thundershowers are scattered across the former blackout zone in what I was calling Baghdad on the Mississippi. And I'll bet a lot of people who were never afraid of lightning before are shuddering to hear thunder right now. Why? Because while Ameren(ron) claims to have restored power to the last of the people who lost it because of the last two big storms, we all know that those repairs were done in a heck of a hurry, and that about half of the repairs were done by crews who weren't familiar with the local power grid. Right now, our power grid is being held together with bailing wire and duct tape, and we're just going to find out the hard way, the next couple of times it rains, how well that rush job is going to hold up.
Tags: current events, st louis
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