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CoH/CoV vs AA quandary

Huh. What do you know, City of Heroes/Villains issue 7, the big patch we've been waiting 7 months for, finally actually reached the live servers. Hmp. Surprised me. As many bugs as were still in the test server version after Thursday's patch, I was beginning to think that Auto Assault was actually going to ship version 109 before City of Villains shipped issue 7. Wow, awful quandry.

City of Villains has ...Auto Assault has ...
Mayhem MissionsContent I haven't played to death
A lot more humor including witty NPC banter as you go byReal science fiction -- no elves, no demons, no gorram Circle of Thorns wizards
Much more variety in character classesNo leveling grind as you go up in level
3D-motion travel powersSuper-fast combat with no "speed suppression" when you attack
Better minion controls for its summoner classNo more horrifically aggravating "Oranbegan city" maps
Semi-functioning roleplaying thanks to higher server populationsFunctioning tradeskills
Really interesting PvP mapsPvP with absolutely no penalty for losing, ever, period
Much better costumingCool cars

... ahhhhh, my brain hurts. And it's only a couple of days to my next CoH/CoV billing date. Gaaahhhccchh.
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