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If You Want to Get (a) Technical ...

I found it tremendously entertaining that the first month I began to subscribe to Auto Assault (which I'm enjoying immensely -- my god, this is the beautiful and realistic weather that I've wished all MMOs had, among other recent delightful discoveries) that I saw an article in BoingBoing about improvised combat vehicles being built by pro-US "military contractors" (mercenaries) in Iraq. An American soldier has published a Flickr photo stream of the ones he's seen. I thought that some of them looked eerily familiar. For example, I couldn't remember for a while if I'd seen this vehicle ...

... at Burning Man, in a post apocalyptic sci-fi movie, in Auto Assault, or some combination of the above. The soldier who brought back the photograph captioned it "Built Ford Tough." Delightful. And in a sick sort of way, it is something of a work of art. But then, as I sat down to write about this, I remembered what it was that it was really trying to make me remember. And you know what?

Somehow, I don't think the Somalis would be impressed, since they've been doing this sort of thing a lot longer, for a lot less money, and with much cooler guns.

See Wikipedia: Technical (fighting vehicle).
Tags: history, iraq, mmorpg, tech

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