J. Brad Hicks (bradhicks) wrote,
J. Brad Hicks

Letter to the STLPD editor just sent, re "Muhammed's face"

Now that the controversy over the 12 "Muhammed's face" cartoons that appeared in the September 30th, 2005 Jyllands-Posten (Jutlands Post) has flared up into violence and threats of assassination and terrorism, I am writing to encourage the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to take its own action to show solidarity with the rights of journalists in every free country.

I fully support freedom of religion. But in this case, the offended Muslims are demanding a right that we do not grant to anyone else, either, and that is a right to veto things written, drawn, or published by people who are not of their faith. Nor do they extend this veto to people whose faith might be offended by what their authors, artists, or publishers produce. They may feel that they are entitled to this veto because (as is obvious to them and to no one else) their religion is right and everybody else's religion is wrong. The rest of us will not, and must not, concede that point.

I am encouraging the Post-Dispatch to join the dozen or more other newspapers around the world that have printed these images. If every city and every nation in the free world does so, then perhaps they'll realize that their campaign of intimidation has failed. And it must fail if civilization is to survive; to surrender here is to grant one and only one religion rights above all others, and to prevent that it is worth shedding any amount of blood, lest those who fought the centuries-long fight against theocracy and for freedom have died in vain.

J. Brad Hicks
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

I encourage my LiveJournal and RSS readers to similarly encourage their local papers. Any St. Louisans who would also like to encourage the StLPD, in your own words, to take such action may write to letters@post-dispatch.com.
Tags: current events, religion

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