December 25th, 2006

Brad @ Burning Man

Yes, I re-skinned the journal finally came up with an LJ-compatible sidebar generator. Unfortunately, it's only compatible with LiveJournal styles that support "counter code" features; basically you cheat and insert LibraryThing's widget code as if it were a page view counter. And "Expressive," the style I was using before, isn't one of them. It was a tough call whether I wanted the LibraryThing sidebar more than I wanted the tag cloud; I really liked that tag cloud.

What pushed me over the edge was that I was having a serious ongoing problem with the "Expressive" style anyway: it used custom layouts for printing, and those layouts were incompatible with my print driver. The results were hideous. And I have friends who occasionally ask me to print out journal entries and bring them along.

Unfortunately, the style that supported counter codes that was most palatable me has a hard-coded preference for full justification, which I loathe, especially in the absence of hyphenation. (Ironically, the one time it doesn't use full justification is during printing.) It's also missing an edit field in its customization options to let me insert a link to the tags list in the obvious place. If I can't figure out how to hack around that limitation, I'll eventually get around to sticking a link to into the "more info" (Links) sidebar.
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