December 4th, 2006

Hail Santa

I am a Santarchist! I am the Santa-Christ!

I got the final schedule for this year's St. Louis Santarchy in email over the weekend. I'll reproduce the flier below (inside a cut tag), but it does a mediocre to rotten job of explaining what Santarchy is. (Locally it's organized by artists, not writers, so unsurprisingly the written material is incoherent.) At it's simplest, it's a 12-hour flash mob, themed around the inhabitants of a mall-type "Santa's Workshop Village" being sloppy drunk in public, or at least pretending to be. The motto is, "No force on earth can stop a hundred drunken Santas," and from all accounts that motto's been borne out throughout the western world. Even when it's only in the low dozens of Santa Clauses (and Mrs. Clauses, and various elfs both naughty and nice, and so on), people go out of their way to play along with even the most bizarre behavior. You have to see it to believe it.

I'll absolutely be there, with my Santa suit on. (You can get remarkably good ones for cheap at places like Midway Carnival Supply.) So will a lot of my friends. All that remains for me to decide is at what point I'm going to join them. You can do that, in St. Louis. St. Louisans are so terrified of seeming to be square, of showing that they don't know that what you're doing is some fad from the coasts that they haven't heard about yet, that you can get away with all kinds of weird behavior in public here as long as you have more than one person with you doing it. So because it's so safe to be a rampaging Santarchist on the ragged edge of only barely in control, we can actually put the whole schedule on the public fliers. (Reproduced below.) But as I was saying, I'm not sure if I will do the whole thing or join them in progress some time after 4pm. It overlaps with the December polymunch, the informal pizza party for the local polyamory community. But a lot of the fun stops are earlier in the day than that, so I may decide to blow off the polymunch this month and do the whole Santarchy.

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