November 28th, 2006


CoH 8: To Protect and Serve, today!

Finally, it's fun to be a hero again! Well, not entirely, not as fun as being a villain in some ways. But in addition to the veterans' rewards that are being given today (at approximately noon, Central US time) to long-time players both hero and villain, heroes are finally getting an equivalent to the Mayhem Missions that were one of the key new features that City of Villains had that City of Heroes didn't. Basically, they're an alternate way of getting making new contacts in a city zone. And for villains, they're a laugh riot, because villains get to run amok in an almost fully destructible environment, blowing up mailboxes and bus stops and fire hydrants and police cars and SWAT vans and parking meters and pay phones and dumpsters and ... well, the list goes on and on. Heroes won't get to have that kind of fun, at least not until issue 9 or 10 if ever. And given that there are other, potentially less frustrating ways for heroes to get contacts, the real big deal about Safeguard Missions is this: they're phenomenally profitable. Collapse )
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