November 22nd, 2006

Aberrational Behavior

Nothing much today.

A big chunk of my day was taken up with getting new glasses to replace the ones that wore out, and get the prescription updated while I was at it. I find that I'm in no mood to write; none of my current thoughts are strung together in long enough chunks to make any sense. Those of you who are traveling for Thanksgiving, be careful, and at least try to enjoy Thanksgiving itself.

This Film is Not Yet Rated finally opens here in St. Louis today. becka_kitty and I are planning on catching the 4:45 pm matinée at the Tivoli. I'm so excited about this one that I went to the trouble of converting and compressing their second trailer, "What Do Movie Ratings Mean?," so it'd fit on my new cellphone, so I can inflict it on anybody anywhere.

Oh, yeah, did I mention? New phone. I got sick and tired of all the dropped calls on the left-over phone that a close friend gave me; the signal strength just isn't high enough in my neighborhood for a phone that small and without even a rudimentary antenna. And the exact phone that I did want, the Sony Ericsson w300i "Walkman" phone, was about to be discontinued; they're pushing people towards the w800i which lacks removable memory cards or, apparently, any other way to get your music onto the MP3 player other than to use some service or software that includes DRM. Since I don't want a "Defective By Design" phone, I jumped to grab one of these while I could. It's got some sweet features, too, not least of which that there's a free third-party hack to synchronize the calendar on the phone with my Google Calendar at a cost in data transfer of a few cents per week. And it even supports the new Memory Stick Micro (or M2) memory cards so I can hot-swap 1GB collections of music in and out. (They'd make excellent gifts for me this year.)

Update: Actually, it looks like Cingular gave me bad advice; I see on Sony's website that they're pushing W300i customers towards the W710i, which seems to have the same feature set as my phone only upgraded. Seems to be more expensive at the moment, though, and none of the stores I talked to had heard of it yet.