October 31st, 2006

Brad @ Burning Man

What's Halloween-speak for "Bah, humbug"?

I used to love Halloween. But right this minute, I'm sick to death of it, and glad the season is over. I'm starting to feel about Halloween the way that lots of people feel about Christmas. It starts too soon, costs too much, and eats up too much of my life during the season.

Looking ahead to next year? I don't care who asks me, or how much fun it looks like. I'm going to one and only one Halloween event. It will be whoever I know that's throwing a Halloween Party on October 27th. No other parties, no balls, no goth nights, no nothing. And on Halloween itself, which is on a Wednesday next year, I am very likely staying home. I may even put up a sign and decorate in such a way as to actually hand out candy to trick or treaters, what a freaking concept.

I love masks. I love costumes and alternate personae. I love parties. I love scary stuff. I love most novelty songs, including Halloween music. Can we not try to cram it all into one month, can we find perfectly good reasons to hold costume parties the rest of the year? I thought once I gave up on Wicca I'd get my Octobers back, but ever-expanding social calendars ate the time that one or two fewer Samhain celebrations freed up.

It's just too much for me.
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