October 23rd, 2006

Brad @ Burning Man

Quick tech question about Firefox 2

The local papers haven't got the time for anything except World Series news, about which I would be hard-pressed to care less. The national news feels to me like it's in reruns; by this time in the election season, most politicians have figured out which of their lines focus-test the best and are trying to make it through the next couple of weeks just repeating themselves over and over again. What other news there is mostly elicits nothing more from me than a one or two sentence put-down, and I don't aspire to be Tucker Carlson.

Nor, of course, does it help that we're now entering the time of year where, between the darkness and the encroaching cold, I feel a powerful urge to spend half or more of my day in bed under a heavy comforter. The distraction of the bed calling to me non-stop is having a very "handicapper general" effect on my ability to complete complex thoughts.

That being said, if you don't mind, instead of my usual self, can I ask you to help me find something?

According to a newspaper article that I did see, Firefox 2 is rolling out Tuesday. To get a head start on it, I downloaded 2RC3 tonight, and found that one extension that I rely heavily upon is incompatible. So thoroughly incompatible, in fact, that my usual trick of editing the maximum version in the *.rdf file doesn't seem to have worked.

So, does anybody know of an extension other than the long-abandoned Favorites Converter that will export my Firefox bookmarks to Internet Explorer automatically, either every time I change them or, failing that, every time I close Firefox, so that I can launch web pages into Firefox from the windows Start button's Favorites sub-menu? One that's compatible with Firefox 2?
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