October 11th, 2006

Brad @ Burning Man

Why Aren't the Wing-Nuts All OVER Battlestar Galactica This Week?

Last Friday I was sick as a dog. Ptomaine, I'm pretty sure. I missed almost an entire day of Archon groaning and shaking from cramps in a darkened room, waiting for the Pepto to kick in. But I did get some use out of that time: I more-or-less caught up with the new Battlestar Galactica TV series that so many of you have been raving about. In preparation for the 3rd season 2-hour premier, SciFi ran at least episodes 216 to 220, the ones that I caught, then the combined episodes 301/302 that make up the season opener. As for the series itself, I see that they borrowed as much from the best as they did from the worst. It's still the same 1970s crap SF series premise, but they're borrowing some nice camera work straight out of Firefly, and Edward Olmos rather obviously studied vintage Bruce Boxleitner episodes of Babylon 5 when preparing for the part. (I kept expecting the people around him to call him "Admiral Sheridan.") It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but it wasn't good enough for me to go to the trouble of tracking down new episodes as they air. (As someone who doesn't own a Tivo, ongoing TV series are something I really can't manage to bother with unless I'm a lot more motivated than this series can manage.)

But one thing that hit me right between the eyes about the season 3 opener was that it strikes me that it took incredible political courage to run that particular storyline on an American TV station. To run that particular storyline less than five weeks before a major national election is nothing less than provocative. What's more, the moral points being made by that episode are ones that almost every American, or at least the vast majority of us (but not me), would find morally repugnant. I've been waiting for five days now for the right-wing commentariat, or at least the right-wing pajhamadeen, to be all over this like white on rice. And yet their silence has been deafening. Yes, I know, they've been very busy this week with other matters. But Collapse ) where in the heck are Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin and Paul Savage and all the rest of the right-wing Bloggistani bloviators that I thought I could count on to not merely react but to over-react when somebody says something like this?
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