September 29th, 2006

Brad @ Burning Man

Could Have Almost Had Me Back. Also, Books.

Because I still subscribe to at least one NCsoft game (Auto Assault), I still get email updates about City of Heroes and City of Villains. And it looks like the next update includes some very, very cool graphical updates that I'd been hoping for for a long time. For a one-time purchase of $10, player characters can have permanent jetpack backpacks, which finally makes it possible for Natural origin characters to have a travel power without being ridiculously out of character. They're introducing both trenchcoats and (more importantly) wings as "loyalty rewards," costume pieces that you earn after subscribing for a certain amount of time. (Although apparently they want wings to be super-scarce; they've listed the 3, 6, 9, and 12 month rewards and wings aren't listed yet. That's disturbing.) The game play in Auto Assault is more fun, but there's something to be said for just plain looking cool. And besides, the hero side looks to finally be getting some new missions and overall upgrades. Give me a chance to put bird wings on him, and I could almost see brushing the cobwebs off of an old empathy/energy blast defender concept I once fooled around with.

So with half a mind towards thinking about considering contemplating the hypothetical possibility of some day playing CoH/CoV again, I went to the official City of Heroes web site to catch up on the official comic book, to see what's going on with the storyline. And I got a vivid example of why I quit in the first place: it's all magic, all the time. It's the Circle of Thorns versus the Banished Pantheon, with a mixture of US and Korean superheroes stuck in the middle between them. It frustrates me, it really does. City of Heroes has, in its in-game story lines, about a half dozen really good ultra-tech and mad-science and cyberpunk story lines. But the developers have clearly lost all interest in them whatsoever. Apparently now it's all about courting the Dungeons and Dragons set and the Harry Potter set, and the resulting shift in emphasis in the storyline bores me to tears.

In other minor news, there went one more excuse not to spend more time writing. I gave up on waiting for the landlord to fix the cracks in the living room wall (that'll be chilly this winter) and set the other book shelves back up. Then I went to the effort of alphabetizing stuff back into order, and got that done. So there goes the excuse that I can't find any of my reference material.

I still need quite a few of my books back, some of which (like my copy of The Road to Eleusis) have been missing for so long I've forgotten who even has them. For my in-town friends, please take some time to scour your shelves for stuff you borrowed from me, consider whether you're actually planning on reading those books any time soon, and if not, return them?