September 20th, 2006

Brad @ Burning Man


I suddenly have a piercing headache. It could be because of the sudden, intense drop in humidity. It probably has at least a little to do with the fact that, after hanging out with the sick-as-a-dog becka_kitty for Talk Like a Pirate Day, the flu or sinus infection or allergy attack that I'd almost fought completely has now come roaring back on me. That my sleep schedule has been randomized by inability to either sleep or stay awake might be cause or symptom.

But the symptoms didn't turn into one of my very, very rare piercing headaches until I decided, about 9 hours ago, to do today's column about yesterday's coup d'etat in Thailand. I have a very strong sense that this isn't just any third-world change of executive going on here. I have a strong sense, even if I can't prove it yet, that this is symbolic of broader trends in the global economy that absolutely will affect all of us, that this is part of something big.

But after trying to bone up on the subject for 9 straight hours, I have nothing to show for it but an incredibly intense headache. None of my preliminary suspicions about what's really going on here held up, and I have yet to be able to come to any kind of coherent conclusion that has held up either. I give up for today; I'm going to trust the Wikipedians to sort this out for another day or two before even starting to come to any kind of a conclusion.