August 1st, 2006

Party Tiki

Hunh. 400.

After hovering at 360 (plus or minus) for most of a year, it would appear that enough people posted links to my Ameren outage analysis, to the relink to Christians in the Hand of an Angry God, and to the Nice Guys article that in less than a week I jumped up to 400 direct LJ subscribers, not counting people who read it through their bookmarks or through RSS readers. And since I'm feeling a trifle over-stimulated again (heatwave) and having a hard time organizing my thoughts, this makes a perfect excuse to celebrate by doing the same thing I did when I broke the 300 barrier: Ask Me Anything. About me, about you, about any news item, about any topic you're curious to see what my opinion on is, trick questions, whatever. Just make sure that you want the answer; I'm not famous for tact.
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