July 22nd, 2006

Brad @ Burning Man

Voice Post: #2 from the Blackout Zone

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“Hi, this is Brad again, sending another voice post from Baghdad on the Mississippi. I hope the last one got through; I'm not sure I followed the user interface instructions right. Anyway, I have a hard time knowing what to tell you, because I am so cut off from the world that I have no idea what the rest of you have even heard, but the latest radio news is that as of tonight there are still over 400,000 homes in the St. Louis are with no electricity. They are saying it will be next Saturday before the last of the people get their electricity on, and that's assuming no more storms. And, oh kalu kalay oh fabjous day, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is here, which presumably means that by Monday President Bush will be telling someone that, no matter what the press says, he's doing a heck of job.

Greg Palast at http://gregpalast.com/ had an interesting article, just before I lost power again, entitled "Ken Lay isn't Really Dead" or something to that effect [ed: "Ken Lay is Alive"]; I strongly suggest you look it up. While you're at it I stongly suggest you do a news search for Taum Sauk Reservoir.... That would be the same Ameren UE that's trying to restore our power now. That will tell you exactly why half of the St. Louis area is without power after a routine summer thunderstorm. But presumably, I predict with some disgusting confidence that the CEO will be given a huge bonus for how well he is dealing with this unforeseable crisis.

I have no idea how I'm going to deal with another week without power or internet access. It's not like I'm going to starve, because the local grocery store is still selling canned goods, and I do still have a gas stove. They're predicting unusually good weather for St. Louis in July so it's not like my health is at any risk, and unlike about half of the East side, I do actually have safe drinking water.

I may however go mad from boredom.

Talk to you some time other soon.
This would be Brad, signing off for today.”

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