March 23rd, 2006

Voted for Dean

Ah, this is what I was waiting for for today: Olbermann on Ingraham

This morning's info graphic is something I meant to comment on, and I threw it out as a placeholder. You get one more short item today, because I was waiting for the transcript from last night's Countdown with Keith Olbermann to be posted. As part of this week's "blame the media" campaign out of the White House, right wing talk radio reporter Laura Ingraham had this to say, in part, yesterday:

On the Today show: "The “TODAY” show spends all this money to send people to the Olympics, which is great, it was great programming. All this money for “Where in the World Is Matt Lauer?” Bring the “TODAY” show to Iraq. Bring the “TODAY” show to Tal Afar. Do the show from the 4th ID at Camp Victory. And then, when you talk to those soldiers on the ground, when you go out with the Iraqi military, when you talk to the villagers when you see the children, then I want NBC to report on only the IEDs, only the killings, only the reprisals. To do a show from Iraq means to talk to the Iraqi military, to go out with the Iraqi military, to actually have a conversation with the people, instead of reporting from hotel balconies about the latest IEDs going off." And then later on The O'Reilly Factor: "I think that the coverage of the war by NBC that I‘ve really focused on, especially since I was in Iraq last month, to me, it seems bizarrely focused only on the IEDs, only on the latest reprisal killings that are taking place. ... I think the media obviously has an element underneath this that really despises Bush, and it‘s blinding them."

Keith Olbermann put that miserable sniveling Administration mouthpiece in her place:

"... a note about Laura Ingraham‘s comments. I‘ve known her a long time. I‘ll in fact give you the caveat that I‘ve known her socially.

But that hotel balcony crack was unforgivable. It was unforgivable to the memory of David Bloom, it was unforgivable in consideration of Bob Woodruff and Doug Vogt, it was unforgivable in the light of what happened to Michael Kelly and what happened to Michael Weiskopf. It was unforgivable with Jill Carroll still a hostage in Iraq.

And it‘s not only unforgivable of her, it was desperate, and it was stupid."