March 21st, 2006

V for Vendetta

V for Very Smart "Mindless Terrorism"

There have been a few very bitter reviews of the movie V for Vendetta. The most vitriolic I've seen, by right-wing website's Megan Basham ("V for vendetta, T for terrorism, A for 'that's a-okay'"), sums up the argument the best: Collapse )

The Wachowskis are not Michael Moore. This is not a movie about George W. Bush and the War on Terror. This is a movie about a lot of scary leaders throughout history, almost all of whom have made that same Faustian offer, which is "let us rule you with an iron fist, and we'll give you what you want." Those who only see the parallels to George Bush and to Bill O'Reilly aren't telling you anything about the movie, they're telling you how little they know about historical scary government officials, weaselly mouth-pieces, and potentially fascist bargains with the public.

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Brad @ Burning Man

Grrr. And THIS is why I hate spoiler-phobes and their mandatory LJ-Cuts.

Tell the truth. Hardly any of you actually read that, did you? Despite the fact that I think it's the most important thing I've written in a month, on a subject that's attracting pro- and anti- comments from all over the media and all over the blogosphere, it got comments from two, count 'em, two people today.

Thanks to brow-beating from spoiler-phobes who can't be bothered to see the movie when everybody else does, as I predicted when I wrote about spoiler-phobia last, we lose the chance to have a meaningful discussion about the political content of a recent movie until long, long after it's either (a) current or (b) fresh in people's memory. Thanks, spoiler-phobes.

All of you, please, tell the truth?

Did you click-through the LJ-Cuts and actually read this morning's article, V for Very Smart Mindless Terrorism?