February 14th, 2006

Brad @ Burning Man

Acme Heart Maker

I'll keep this brief, out of deference to those of you who're following kukla_tko42's request to those of you who have actual lives to stay off of the Internet today. Behold, I give the few of you who haven't seen it yet a link to the ultimate Valentine's Day toy, the Acme Heart Maker. It'll put any two four-letter lines onto a virtual candy heart for you, in most of the usual colors. (By the way, undocumented feature: If you can't read it because it chose the wrong color for the text, try again. Text color is random between pink, red, and purple.) If nothing else, it's fun to look at the most recent ones that other people have made.

Alas, they're just slightly too big for LiveJournal icons. But then, it boggles my mind that there is a Windows PC out there anywhere that doesn't have IrfanView on it, which resizes images instantly, well, and at the touch of a button. And if it's not good enough for you and you don't want to spring for Photoshop (and can stand the somewhat awkward user interface), there's always GIMP. I used GIMP to crop these, which I'll probably keep around for a while and which you are, of course, welcome to copy:

P.S. FYI, Mr. Bradley, Virtue server, mercenaries/poison mastermind, level 40. 248 hours.
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