February 8th, 2006

Brad @ Burning Man

Well, There Go Those Ideas

One: Yes, I'm going to Conflation this year. (And I absolutely must reserve my hotel room today, the Con Goddesses just sent out a reminder that today's some kind of deadline or other.) Now, here's the deal, though: I loathe and despise the theme. Heck, for all that last year's theme was okay, I'm not crazy about Conflation having a theme; as far as I'm concerned, it's already themed. What's more, given the weekend it's on this year, there is an entirely obvious theme; it is, after all, on the peak weekend for Mardi Gras. But no, they had to go and theme the expletive-deleted thing "High School."

Now, I've said before that one of the great dividing lines in American culture is between people who really loved high school, wish it had lasted forever, and do their flat level best to make everything in life just like high school, with "our" athletes to obsess over and bulletin boards and pep rallies and proms and (I swear to the God) the exact same cliques they were in during high school ... and the rest of us, who would cheerfully saw off one or more of our own legs rather than live through another day of high school. To quote the "Holiday Island" episode of Daria:
Daria: Wow, this is just like high school.
Jane: Do you get the feeling that we're going to be saying that for the rest of our life?
Jane: Wow, this is just like high school only worse.
Daria: And no, that's what we're going to be saying for the rest of our lives.
But, you know, the God forbid that I should not at least try to play along with any theater piece. And I did eventually come up with an idea. I seriously considered getting a fake "letter jacket" made up for Conflation High School, with the word "C O A C H" on the back. And when people asked me what I coached, I was going to answer, "Girls' wrestling." I also strongly considered renting industrial lockers and setting up a "locker room" theme party. However, the money that I was going to use to do these things went into health care, to try to do something about my seriously injured back (despite the total uselessness of my lying moronic scumbag baby boomer New Ager general practitioner's office, thank you very much, you ex-hippy scumbags). And you know what? I'm not sure it ever made sense to spend real money on an event that was only likely to happen once. Mardi Gras happens every year, and I already have all of that stuff, except maybe for a refill on the high-end novelty beads, and I have a 25% off coupon for that.

Two: Unfortunately, cutting that expense still leaves a largish hole in the 2006 budget. So I guess I'm not going to either Burning Man or Starwood this year. (And by remarkable coincidence, the day I decided that is the day that Partially Clips published an especially funny cartoon on the subject of Burning Man.) And I may have to decide between getting a new computer this year, to replace this aging dinosaur, and which I'll use every day, versus going to Elf Fest. Right now, if it comes down to it, the computer's in the lead.

P.S. The news I thought I was going to have yesterday afternoon was because the Post-Dispatch called me the day before to confirm that I had written that Letter to the Editor and that I still wanted it published. So I was expecting them to, oh, I don't know, publish it. Nope. Nor is it in today's, although at least today they did let in one (to my taste, inferior) pro-free-press letter on the subject of the Jutlands Post cartoon controversy. Unfortunately, it's from one of those whiny Christians who, like some of my Pagan acquaintances who are equally whiny, make the same mistake that the offended Muslims are making; they think that any mockery or criticism of them is terribly harsh oppression, and they think that they're the only ones who ever really have it so bad, and they think that the press hates them and is always against them. *sigh*