January 2nd, 2006

Black Rock City

Tentative 2006 Plans

I don't see the appeal of New Year's Resolutions. It's not that I don't see the appeal of resolutions, it's just that the calendar year seems to me like the wrong time. The changeover from one calendar year to the other marks a change in the outside world. Resolutions relate to my inside world. So it seems to me that the obvious time to take stock of my life and see what I should be changing, what priorities I should be changing, is at the annual event that marks a change in me: my birthday. However, January 1st does mark the beginning of a fiscal year, tax year, and calendar year, so it makes sense to me as a time to do annual planning. So, with a warning that what follows is almost certainly uninteresting to any of you except my personal friends who might be personally affected by some of these things, here are the things I know of that I need to plan for in 2006. Collapse )