October 2nd, 2005

Brad @ Burning Man

Backstage Humor

I'm backstage at the Archon Masquerade, before the show, and I fall into a discussion between me, the guy who runs the sound board, and one of the stagehands (or, as we call them, stage ninjas). The sound guy is wearing a kilt, and construction techniques for various types of kilts comes up as a topic of conversation.

So I mentioned to the sound guy that something like this had come up earlier in the day, and it had given me the idea of a panel for next Archon on kilt construction. My thought was to get a couple of people on the panel who'd made their own kilts. Bring some fabric people can buy, and some basic sewing and pressing equipment, and give hands-on instruction on how to make, pleat, hem, and wrap the various styles of kilts. Then everybody can sit around in a circle and chat while they work on their kilts. They can call it a kilting bee.

He let that sink in for a second, and said it was a good idea. But, he said, we wouldn't have enough real sporrans to give everybody one to wear with their new kilt. So we'd have to give them a neo-sporran.

No, really, this actually happened.