September 16th, 2005

Pirate - Calico Jack's flag

Avast! Hoist the Mainsail! "Talk Like a Pirate Day" Off the Starboard Bow!

Diesel Sweeties (which is even more funny than usual this morning: "Pearls of Wisdom from a Porn Star with a Drinking Problem") has a banner ad up, reminding people that today is the last day to order their pirate-themed t-shirt in order to have it arrive in time for Monday's international holiday, Talk Like a Pirate Day:

Not having any money to spend on t-shirts, and hardly needing to study up for a holiday for which I created a huge word-search puzzle last year (and since being a professional pirate has long been one of my fantasy jobs), I prepared by creating a (probably throw-away one-shot) pirate-themed character in City of Heroes, "Cap'n Deadjack" on the Protector server:

Magical origin, Scrapper archetype, Broadsword primary power set, Regeneration secondary power set. (I loves me my */regen scrappers. Awesome power set for somebody like me who solos a lot.) The character bio simply reads, "I used to think that 'cursed pirate treasure' was just a storybook cliche." The battle cry is, of course, "YARRR!"

You expected detailed analysis of Bush's big policy speech last night? I have to wait and study the text. Even when he's saying something interesting, as I think he was last night, there's just something about his voice and style of delivery that knocks me half unconscious. I have yet to make it through any of his speeches without drowsing off ... and I like political speeches. I swear, that's not my politics speaking. I can stay awake through plenty of Republicans' speeches, just not his. I don't know for sure why.

Personal note: Not a whole lot of good news, but some good news nonetheless. I had my phone interview for food stamp renewal today, which of course passed. While I was on the phone, the guy asked me if I had applied for Social Security lately -- because he thought he had some paperwork related to my SSI application on his desk. When I confirmed that yeah, that was mine, he said that it looked to him like they were "in the preliminary stages of approving it" and that it would probably come to $579 a month -- just barely enough for rent and utilities, but that's better than nothing! As I said, "from your mouth to God's ears." I should be hearing from them any day now.