September 14th, 2005

Brad @ Burning Man

Unavoidably Delayed

Sorry to miss a couple of nights, but I got called by a couple of friends. They were halfway through driving some friends-of-friends out of Louisiana up to where they're going to stay for now, in Minneapolis. One of the drivers, a very good friend of mine, wanted me to ride along so she could have company for the long trip back.

It's 22 hours in a car and a couple-hour nap later, I'm exhausted, even though I wasn't doing any of the driving. My thoughts will be more coherent (and I'll be more caught up on the news) tomorrow.

One amusing things about this though: tonight's thunderstorm is going to be a beautiful one. I know this because I'm seeing it in reruns. We drove through it in southern Wisconsin on our way there, and drove back through it again at the Iowa/Missouri border on our way home. Lots of beautiful cloud-to-cloud strikes in this one; check it out.

(And yes, we warned the New Orleaners about "Minnesota nice.")