September 5th, 2005

Brad @ Burning Man

Happy Labor Day

8 days after I ran out of Wellbutrin, I can definitely feel the difference. I've been managing to not sleep 18, 20 hours a day, mostly by roughly tripling my normal daily caffeine consumption. That'll make long term problems, maybe, but for now tea is covered by my food stamps and medicine isn't. I'm tired, depressed, and in a bad mood, but let's face it, after the week we've had as a nation, so are we all. I'd be coping with it better if I had my Wellbutrin, but I am coping. A couple of days ago I met with a social worker who's volunteered to stay on my doctor's office to get them to get the necessary paperwork done so that she can appeal my Medicaid rejection, and/or get into one of three manufacturer-supported pharmaceutical assistance programs. There's still been no word yet from the SSA (which is bad) or from my landlord (which is good).

I mention all of this not to seek sympathy per se, but to apologize for the fact that I have nothing interesting to say today other than, "Happy Labor Day." The leaves at the top of the maples near here are already starting to turn yellow; it may be in the upper 80°s now, but fall is definitely on the way. As America celebrates our national end-of-summer holiday, I hope that your summer was happy, healthy, and that you got done and enjoyed a significant percentage of what you meant to do.

I have never given as many consecutive journal entries to a single topic as I have to my relief, then outrage over the situation in New Orleans, and I find that I'm having a hard time changing the subject. I could say more, but it occurred to me that the two things or three things I want most to use New Orleans to rant about are pet peeves of mine, and I know I'm merciless towards others when they treat any major disaster or news story as proof that we should give them whatever it is that they were already asking for before-hand. So rather than indulge this bad habit in myself, I'm changing the subject. I'd love to write more about computer games, about other political subjects, about science fiction movies and conventions that are coming up, about other news stories. No obvious segué comes to mind. So have an abrupt one: tomorrow, come hell or high water, I'm writing about a science fiction movie I'm looking forward to in the next couple of months that isn't Serenity. For now, I'm tired, in no mood to write anything interesting or useful, and I'm taking the rest of the day off to play City of Heroes.