August 4th, 2005

Brad @ Burning Man

I already know what I want to do for my birthday next year.

Next year's Exotica, the big annual tiki music and tiki art convention, is being held in Chicago ... the same weekend as my birthday. Man, some kind of income, SSI or whatever, needs to have gotten here long before that, so I had better be able to plan on going!

Speaking of SSI, I forget if it was kukla_tko42 or phierma who said something to me about it the other day, but it has been a while so I suppose this as good a time as any for a personal update. No change in my health. I ran out of the leftover imported (illegally cloned) bupropion extended release 150mg tablets, but on my previous doctor visit, they were able to give me about two months' or so worth of samples of the real stuff. I can't tell any difference, even in the smell, so obviously the knock-off was really chemically similar enough. The bad news is that the last time I went in, they didn't have any samples, so I've only got about a four week supply. After that I either scrape up real money to continue the time release version, or I switch to twice daily 100mg non-time-release generic bupropion. I'm leaning towards the latter. If a drug takes 7 days to build up into or be metabolized out of your bloodstream, I'm not really sure what the benefit of time release is.

Not a lot of movement on the Social Security front. I had a bit of a scare when I got a letter claiming that they never got my last follow-up questionnaire, but it was a false alarm. I called, and their letter and my forms passed each other in the mail, because the just slightly jumped the gun (by a day) on the warning notice. So now all they're waiting for to make the SSI determination is the paperwork from my doctors. My nurse practitioner at Webster Family Physicians said that they hadn't gotten it done yet, but that they were hoping (no promises) to have it mailed by last Friday. As of Thursday, the SSI case worker said that she had received neither their paperwork nor the identical paperwork from minidoc. That part kind of surprised me, because I thought she said she mailed it weeks ago. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, no idea when I'll hear from them.

The local Community Action Agency was able to find a charity willing to make a one-time payment to keep my natural gas from being turned off. I don't have a disconnect notice from the electric company yet, but when I do, the CAA thinks they can do it again with that one, too. The cell phone is being covered by a friend. Food stamps are more than I can eat in a month; I actually had money left over (that was effectively lost) when my last refill on the card hit. So that leaves rent and the cable/Internet bill. Both of which are worrisome. As of today, I hit the magic number that the landlord said would probably trigger the start of the eviction process, $2,000 in arrears. My caseworker at the Department of Mental Health was going to try to find a charity willing to help with that, but I haven't heard back from her. If the SSI doesn't come through soon or she can't find me some kind of charitable help, homelessness lurks in my near future. Assuming I beat that, then some time in the next week or so I'm going to need $60, I think it is, for the cable/Internet bill and seriously want $15 for my City of Heroes account. I don't beg for money on this journal often, but if I'm going to keep posting these, then in the short run I'm going to need some kind of help with the cable/Internet bill. Right this minute, there's still time to get it to me by way of my PayPal account. (That link always shows up in the margin if you read this journal via its address.)

About the only other things going on in my life are helping some of my friends around their houses, and helping kukla_tko42 with a minor theater project. The theater project was actually kind of interesting; I'll probably write a couple of journal entries, probably tomorrow and not long after that, about the last two bits of theater I got to do for/with her.