June 6th, 2005

Shag - Red Wahine

Shameless Plug

I almost never play the "buy me this" game with my journal, and on the rare exceptions I don't really expect anybody to buy me the thing in question. But here's the deal. Thanks to a ride from bakadragon (who, I find out, lives a comfortable 6 block walk from me -- or would be a comfortable walk if I didn't have to wade through the boiling hot soup we were breathing for air today), I made it to most of St. Louis Pagan Picnic Sunday. I might not have bothered, because the forecast was for even worse weather than we got, dewpoints in the 70°s and spot thunderstorms. But I am constitutionally incapable of turning kukla_tko42 down, and several members of her theater company had an emergency and were unavailable, so because I own my own horns and satyr pants and fit the build, I got typecast as Trump XV in her Living Tarot interactive improv theater piece. More about this when I get the picture to go with it, probably in a couple of days.

But anyway, her popsicle-selling and face-painting booth was right next to the booth for Curious Cat Clothing. Now, I've always loved Cat DeGuire's (sp?) work and workmanship. Heck, I approve of costumers in general. But there never was anything on her rack that jumped right out and said, "Buy me!", even though they do build stuff up to my size and beyond. But now, the gods help me, she's branched out into Hawaiian shirts, in some marvelous fabrics, including some delightful retro-kitsch. And one of them in particular, the one pictured at the right here, I'm orders from kukla_tko42, who said, "You have to have that. In fact, you need a whole closet full of those." Except of course, that I've been out of work since the end of November, my SSI application is going to be in the "waiting" stage for at least another two months, and if I had $60, I'd need to save it for something practical like next month's cable modem bill.

But, since I can refuse her nothing (as I have already mentioned), if somebody wants to buy me one of those shirts (fabric: Bathing Beauties, size: 3X), I'd be much delighted. (In the profoundly unlikely event that somebody agrees with her that I should own a full closet of these, I'm also attracted to the Pinup Island, Galactica, and Jazz Age Black fabrics.) If somebody would rather send me money to buy one, I promise that the next $60 will be spent on a Hawaiian shirt instead of being wasted on rent or utilities. (Insert wry grin here.)

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