April 2nd, 2005

Brad @ Burning Man

Going Down?

This will, in all likelihood, be the last posting for a while. My internet access is going down, for the inability to pay the $185 past due balance. The gas is getting turned off on Monday, for a similar amount. I don't know how much longer the electricity is going to last, either. My checking balance is about negative $30.

If you send me money via PayPal at this time, I have no idea how I'll get it transferred to my real bank account. In person or Western Union is the only thing that would work, so far as I know. (My contact information can be found here.) In theory mailed checks might get here, and if I'm not here might get forwarded to where ever I land, but I am hesitant to count on either; mail delivery in this neighborhood is very unreliable. I don't expect a bailout, but I can't help but hope. If you can find a social worker in the area who knows their way through the aid bureaucracy who's willing to help me, please get that information to me, alienne, or kukla_tko42. Gotta go, the truck to disconnect me will be here any minute.

Last minute postscript: Day before yesterday, alienne found a lead on a kind of assistance that I could be receiving in less than 90 days, probably much less. If I caught up on internet, electric, and gas then none of those bills would be delinquent again for at least another 60 days. There's also a charity that covers utilities for people like me, but their application process also takes a couple of months. Yes, I'm a putz. Yes, I'm having a stress-related reversion on my autism, getting much worse. But if it influences your decision to bail me out one more time, let me gently suggest that it might not be in vain.

Oh, and I may actually be able to get money out of PayPal after all; I may be able to borrow friends' Internet access. Just not much more often than once every week or two.

Late update, Sunday evening: I have received parts of what has been made clear to me is One Last Emergency Bail-Out, We Mean It This Time. More importantly, I now have three separate friends making the phone calls I can't make to find me some kind of a case worker or social worker who knows how to navigate the aid bureaucracy, to get me food stamps and utility assistance and rent assistance and unemployment insurance compensation and two different flavors of Social Security that I'm entitled to. I won't call the situation solved until I have such a person working with me, and until I get into a medically/mentally better "place," but the immediate crisis is now simmering rather than boiling over.

Presumably, regular columns will resume tonight/tomorrow morning. I'm working on an especially twisted Cthulhu universe column I hope to have ready in time.