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Didn't sleep last night. No good reason that I can think of, I just couldn't sleep. And by the time I got home from work, it was too late to take a sleeping pill and still get up in time for the errand I promised to help phierma run at the unholy buttcrack of dawn today, so that wasn't going to work. So, hey, no sleep. It's not like it's never happened before. I'll just make an early evening of it, I assume. But since I'm running out of the house soon (and since my "links I wanted to mention" folder is overflowing), let me say a few things about art and art-like consumer infotainment products I've seen lately I wanted to mention. I know I'm not the one of my friends who actually has a degree in art, but I was raised by an artist; I'm imperfectly devoid of opinions.

A while back, I glued together the pieces with HTML so that you could enjoy Shag's coolest piece to date, a long but delightfully put together mural called "Night of the Tiki." So I had really mixed feelings when I saw that "Coop" Cooper tried to do something similar (and less work-safe) for his latest gallery show in LA. I mean, I suppose I can't say he failed; the bloody thing did sell for about three and a half years' worth of my salary. But for all that I (obviously) like Coop's artwork, this piece doesn't really do it for me. I feel like Shag did it better and first. (And I still say this despite the fact that Shag sold out to Ameristar and let them use one of his paintings for a billboard - blech.)

On the other hand, poking around that same gallery's web page, I found a buried link to a themed show that they did last winter with Shag, Coop, Seonna Hong and others. This one will be near and dear to all of your hearts, even if you think that my taste for pop-culture illustrators is execrable and vulgar. Trust me on this one; at the very least you'll think that some of the samples are cute. It was called "Pirate Booty: The Arrrt of Mates & Wenches."

Finally, speaking of the arts, I thought that you'd find this art student's tale of over-reaction and abuse at the hand of terrorist-alert-panicked cops, feds, and rentacops vaguely disturbing. I've been meaning to mention it for about a month now, and somehow I keep forgetting. Because, you know, if Al Qaeda needed photographs of a popular local landmark on the outskirts of Seattle, it'd be much easier for them to infiltrate a local community college's art department and trick the professor into giving them an excuse to be there all day with a ridiculously overpriced camera ... instead of, oh, spending $2 to buy a tourist guide and a postcard at the bus stop or from any drug store. Boy, thanks officers, I sure feel much more secure in my homeland now.

On a much lighter note, I have no idea if Steve Jackson's game from a few months ago, "Chez Goth," is playable or not. All I know is that I think the idea behind it's very cute, and I love the sample artwork. I feel a vague urge to track down a copy.

Added on to Entry, Several Hours Later:I had to add one more thing to yesterday evening's discussion of art-like products. You know that I'm a huge fan of the costumer's art. Most of you know that I'm a huge fan of Halloween. But I find myself strangely uncomfortable to think that there's a market for child sized pimp suits (in 4 different designs, no less) and 'ho dresses, no matter how nice the design on those suits. Some things don't belong on 10-year-olds. Though I suppose considering the suit, the 10-year-old girl is dressed a little too upscale to be a traditional crack 'ho, and let us be thankful for small favors. Because Ghod knows, I thought Jon-Benet Ramsey's stage costumes were creepy enough. (Credit: Saturday's BoingBoing.)

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