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My anger and distate at such politicians is in direct proportion as to how much they violate Rule Eight.

I've actually harshened somewhat with regard to "outing" politicians, and feel that those that consistently, actively try to make life worse for gay people, who themselves keep a boy on the side or cruise bathrooms or visit rentboy.com -- I don't care how conflicted they are, if their actions and cowardice have a direct impact on me and people I love, I won't tolerate it. Out the jerkwad.

If they're closeted, even married, but (at minimum) otherwise quietly vote down discrimination (or, stretching it, simply fail to vote on it at all), they can have my pity and my silence. I still think they're a coward, but there are plenty of times in my life I've failed to do the right thing out of fear, so, shutting up now.

Mary Cheney falls into this for me; though out, she's of the "I've got mine" mindset and is so insulated by virtue of privilege and power from the consquences of her actions, that she can support some execrable politicians/policies in order to line her pockets without feeling the sting of their outcomes. It's very Marie Antoinette-ish.

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