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There are only a handful of circumstances under which I give a shit if somebody pays one or more prostitutes, or the supposedly lesser (but usually more expensive) case of one or more strippers. One, I care if they hurt other people by it, by, say, getting infected with an STI and taking it home to the non-consenting spouse. Two, I care if they can't afford it, if they're taking bread out of their kids' mouths to pay for it, or, worse (and, working in a strip club, I saw this, and gave the dancer in question grief about it), if he's stealing or embezzling to pay for it. Three, I care if they publicly humiliate their spouse with it by not caring who knows, again and again, the way Berlusconi does. Spitzer isn't accused of any of those things.

Elliot Spitzer found a whole new way to anger me: by being an anti-mafia prosecutor who gave a mafia-linked brothel blackmail material on him. That he let them pull the trigger on him rather than give in to any demands earns him back some of those lost points, but it showed really, really poor judgment.

That he was on my side on financial law enforcement and financial regulatory issues doesn't even factor into it. I'd prefer my prosecutors not to be blackmail targets, no matter how high their principles are.

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