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I believe Anita Hill.

He could have done worse. Even Anita Hill doesn't allege that he threatened her career if she didn't put out. Even Anita Hill says that he worked as hard to advance her career as he did anybody else in the office, whether or not any of them were having sex with him. I do count it as a black mark, though; that first time he propositioned her, she had no way to know if he'd retaliate against her for saying no, and no superior should ever put a subordinate in that position.

That she kept saying "no" and he kept reading that as "not yet" just makes him a garden-variety jerk. I hate guys like that, but I cringe when I say that; I was one myself, in my youth.

I wouldn't have filibustered him for the Supreme Court over it. I would have filibustered him for it for being dumb as a post, absolutely wrong about the Constitution and its history, and a total corporate tool.

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