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The reason I'm finally getting around to venting about this is that I've spent all day being hammered over the fact that Herman Cain cheated on his wife, with another woman, for thirteen years. Good for him; it shows that he's capable of more than one long-term loving relationship. And either the wife knew and was okay with it, or at the very least he was discrete about it, he was careful to protect other people's feelings. So it's okay with me if I never hear anything else about that one.

Nor do I want to hear any of my liberal friends playing the "conservative moral hypocrisy" card on Herman Cain, because you have to be completely uninformed to think that Herman Cain gives a shit about traditional family values. He's running as a Republican; he checked off the usual boxes on the usual forms; he pretty much had to. It's not something he campaigns on; he campaigns on the flat tax and deregulation, the issues he was already campaigning on, when he worked for the Kochs as a paid spokesman, before he even ran for President. Catch Rick Santorum cheating on his wife, and I may care; Herman Cain? Pffft.

No, I don't want this story to distract from the far more serious accusation: that he not only routinely sexually propositioned subordinates who were in no position to say no, who feared for their jobs if they told him no, but that he allegedly outright told one job applicant that if she wanted the job, she had to blow him. If true, then that, not the long term affair, is what makes him a monster in my eyes. (Not that I was going to vote for him anyway.)

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